The thing about what we do for fun

So it has been over two weeks now that I have not been updating anything on this blog. The goal is to have at least 1 post in a week and if I am traveling, I aim to do a daily update so that I don’t miss out any details.

I guess I am making excuses when it comes to this, because I have not been doing any traveling since we came back from Penang.

So since our return, life has pretty much returned to a normal routine. I would be sending husband to the office sometimes, have my coffee, work at my desk, oggling data and sometimes, cooking.

We have also started to eat a lot cleaner and to plan our meals better. We only go for carbs once a day and try to have less in our other meals.

Less sugary treats as well which is a breeze for me, but not so for husband. I do, however, find it challenging to stop snacking.

I mean, who doesn’t love snacking?

And gym, so far, husband has gone two times and me, once. BUT, I have however started working out at home whenever I have the time (I mean like wtf right… why did I sign up for gym in the first place) – But hear me out…

I signed up for gym mainly because it gives me a reason to ‘work out’… ‘work out’ (Cue finger bracket sign). I am not the best at motivating myself. But I have been trying to just have more movement daily.

I have also make time for editing the many photos that I have taken during my Penang trip. I have a bad habit of keeping these photos in my camera’s SD card and never actually editing them.

So call this trying to be better at my hobbies effort.

I enjoy street photography. I love to place people and things in a better light. I feel like I am giving them the kind of picture they deserve to be placed in.

We got some good shots during the trip.

Stray cat with heterochromia. Beautiful cat.. Have to remind myself that I have 5 cats at home.

Another trip coming…

I am a day away from my next trip to Miri and then Bario and honestly, I can’t wait for it to happen.

And yes, I will blog about the trip here.

Other things that happened.. I got myself a nintendo switch and I have been pretty much going back into the habit of journaling.

I am grateful that I am able to do all this at this point of my life. And to do this, with husband by my side too.

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